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  • Samantha Hooey

Conquering the Food Coma

Even as an adult, I would be in a food coma after every substantial meal. My after-dinner routine would be pushing my plate to the side so I could make space to put my head on the table, and suffer the drowsiness and the feeling of temporarily no longer fitting into my pants. I just grew to accept that was part of life. Turns out it didn’t have to be! I didn’t know this until my first meeting with a Holistic Nutritionist (shout out to Cailtlyn!) who addressed my underactive stomach (which was also part of addressing my 20 year struggle with acne). Your stomach may be telling you it needs attention if you experience:

• Fatigue after eating

• Gas/Belching

• Bloating

• Indigestion

Aside from reducing discomfort, proper digestion is also important for:

• Nutrient absorption

• Blood sugar regulation

• Intestinal health

• Immune system support

There are many little things you can do that can help support your digestion. If you’d like guidance or are thinking about it, message me or book a free 15 minute chat 💛

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